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13 июля 2015

July 19 - Birthday of V. V. Mayakovskiy!
July 19 - Birthday of Vladimir Mayakovsky. In honor of this significant date each of our clients, who reads any poem of Vladimir Mayakovskiy (or at least any quatrain of any poem), will receive a discount 20% to all services! On July 19 the discount increases up to 25%! This campaign will last from July 13 to July 26, 2015.

2 июля 2015

Discounts in july!
Discounts in july! Take our flyer near m. Mayakovskaya and Paveletskaya or in the "Anna & Yury Mirakov Art Gallery” (www.mirakov.ru), give it to the manager of any copy shop CopyMax before you pay your order, and you’ll receive discount 10% to all our services!

10 июня 2015

Students time in CopyMax!

Dear students!
We know, how difficult examinations time is, because we’re also students, or those, who were students in the past. So, we decided to give you discount 20% to all our services! Hurry up, our proposal is valid till june, 30th. And don’t forget to show your valid student card at the cashier's.

6 марта 2015

Happy International Women's Day!

22 января 2015

January, 25th - Students Day!

Dear students! On your holiday, January 25th, we invite you to use all our services at a discount of 25%! Happy Students Day!

Dear Tanyias, Tatyanas, Tanyushas and Tanechkas – as January, 25th is your holiday also, we give you the same proposal and the same discount!

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